Sega Casino Game Review

Sega Casino Game Review

Have you ever played a game or seen a movie that is simply so “middle of the road” that you can’t be sure if you liked or disliked it? If not, play Sega Casino for the Nintendo DS, and be prepared for sheer emotional ambiguity.

The worst thing about this game is that there isn’t one specific point where the game fails utterly. Instead, the game fails slightly at every pass, only becoming truly bad when the sum of its parts has been calculated. Sega Casino allows you to play Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Chuck a Luck, Keno and Video Poker. The graphics are nothing extraordinary, but casino games, unfortunately, rarely are. This game simply doesn’t have to polish that a player comes to expect from Sega. The sounds aren’t realistic, the games are simple, and the computer players are far too easy to learn.

Players will not feel any sort of “casino experience” while playing Sega Casino. If this game is a good buy for anyone, it’s for a person who already owns a Nintendo DS and is planning on taking their first casino trip in a few weeks. The rules are all on the game, and you’re not going to break the bank with this game, which usually retails for $29.99. If you want some practice before you hit the real deal, give this game a try. If you’re a casino veteran, stay away from Sega Casino unless you enjoy nothing more than being severely disappointed.

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