Payout Poker & Casino

Payout Poker & Casino

This game would have been so much more satisfying if the promises leading up to the release were not such grand statements. Like most of the second Star Wars series, this game failed to live up to the hype. While promising a “Real World” casino experience, it delivered a slightly above average, two-dimensional, computer experience. There is nothing wrong with this, simply because we couldn’t really expect much more when playing on the PC, but that wasn’t what Namco promised this product would be. 

If you lower your expectations, this game really isn’t all that bad. Its true strength really is poker, and it seems that other casino games were thrown in once they got the Holdem aspect of it finished. What we did like is that they didn’t stop at just Texas Holdem, they understood that many of us like playing other games as well, and incorporated them into the game play. Other poker games available on Payout Poker & Casino are Omaha, Tahoe, Super Holdem, Pineapple, and Crazy Pineapple. 

They made an effort to draw you into the world they have created by letting you create your own character. This left us a little cold, the graphics seemed to be a bit behind the times, and those who have been spoiled on games like Doom, Silent Hill, and Halo will feel like they have just stepped out of a time machine and into 1998. 

Overall we didn’t hate this game, but it won’t become our regular rotation either. The best way to describe it is “average”. There are better values out there for $30 dollars, but this would not be the worst purchase in the world either. It can be played on Xbox, PS2, and PC.

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