Born to Lose: Memoirs of a Compulsive Gambler

Born to Lose: Memoirs of a Compulsive Gambler

There are more than a handful of books out there about the stories and effects of compulsive gambling. While casinos hold dreams for some, for others they are only a home for debt and bad memories. The problem with most of these books is that they begin by talking about their own trials and tribulations, and end by becoming sermons preaching about the dangers of gambling. Most of the time the books feel over-dramatized and it becomes difficult to associate with the characters in the stories, whether they are real life accounts or not. 

This is definitely not the case with Born to Lose. In this book, Bill Lee presents an unbiased account of his life, and the circumstances that led him into a life of compulsive gambling. The writing is very direct and almost journalistic. In this type of story, that style comes across much better than a flowery type of writing. The style is in synch with the story in that they are both very blunt, and stand out well. 

Another high point of this book is the fact that it also shows the merits of twelve-step programs. Where many books on compulsive gambling stop with the bottoming out of the gambler, Lee goes on to show that people can control their destinies and, on a day by day basis, control their addictions. 

This is a book worth reading, whether you have your own problems with addiction, know someone who does or simply want an interesting story about the darker side of gambling. The book runs 256 pages, and can be found for under $9 used, and $12.95 new.

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