The Gambler from Natchez (1954)

The Gambler from Natchez (1954)

Sometimes great stories need to be re-told in different settings to appeal to a brand new audience. The Gambler from Natchez is an adaptation of the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” and is set in the American riverboat scene of the mid 19th century. 

The film stars Dale Robertson as Capt. Vance Colby as he discovers that his gambler father has been disgraced, betrayed, and eventually murdered by three of his most trusted friends. Colby, behaving as good sons do, commits himself to avenging his father’s death. This means that he must hunt down and kill each of the three murderers. This is no easy task seeing as they are protected by their wealth and position. 

His head is turned from his mission by two beauties, Ivette Rivage (played by Lisa Danials) and alluring, but innocent river girl Debra Paget. 

Dale Robertson is not exactly Erol Flynn, but carries off the romancing of the two leading ladies with the ease of an experienced Casanova. He also sells the fencing scenes very well and is convincing as a swordsman. This film, though the subject matter is rather serious, does not always take itself seriously. Humor is sprinkled liberally throughout the movie. 

Considering the film was made in 1954 most of us can guess that the ending will be a predictably happy one where the wages of sin is death and the good guys win. Even though we know that is how it will conclude, it does not take one moment of enjoyment from this film.

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