Slots is one of the easiest games to play – just pull lever or press button and compare payline on screen with payoff table lower – no skill, no hard-thinking. Everyone can play and win – result is totally random, though the lower-paying combinations appear most likely.

free online casino slotsHistory

Slot machines were first invented and manufactured by Charles Fey, an American from San-Francisco. He initiated many innovations of coin-operated gaming devices with three reels and bell slot machine in 1898. The last is referred to be an ancestor of all modern slot machines, evolving from simple to complicated symbol and reel combination.

Slots began to broaden in America, becoming from an entertaining device for children and wives during 1930’s-1940’s into game that amounts 2/3 of casino total revenue by the 90’s.


The rules to slots are quite simple – as the game itself. You deposit coins (usually 1-4) and spin the reels. In a physical casino reels are spinned by pushing a button or a lever. In an online casino, you need only to click on the button or lever. After that, enjoy the game and watch the combination.

How to play

First rule to know – all is random. Chances to get more or less are the same – no difference between 1st and 20th try. Nevertheless there are several ways to get profit.

Begin with understanding the winning table structure. Deposit money into the machine and select a bill type at the right hand. You choose desired denomination and deposit it into the Slot machine by clicking on the “insert bill”. Bill now moves inside. Then select which coin denomination you wish to play – $0.25, $1, $2, or $5. To increase or decrease denominations, click “left arrow” or “right arrow” buttons, respectively, at the left-hand side of the Slot machine. Now you see the amount of available coins. The bet field shows the bet amount. The Balance is your balance in dollars.

To bet press Bet One button to bet up to maximum 3 coins. To play maximum amount press Bat Max. After that just click Spin Reels and watch your payoff according to the table of winning combinations. Upon placing your next bet the credits in the Paid field will be added to your Credits.

Click on Slot machine in the menu if you want to change the type of slot machine you are playing. In this case your credits and coin denominations will not change. Denomination will differ if the bet limit is other.

Please, remember that you can only change Slot machines when your hand is finished.

Casino Slots strategies

Some slot machines which are called progressives enable players to win more than they spent – offering progressive Jackpots where payoff grows by a percentage of each coin played. Frequently several progressive machines have one jackpot for all so it can grow rapidly to unbelievable amount.

Betting limits

Minimum bet is $0.25, maximum – $5.

Numeric Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Entry Action

0              Repeat last bet

Enter     Start

Page Up               Increase denomination of coins

Page Down         Decrease denomination of coins

+             Increase bet

–              Decrease bet

Up Arrow            Insert 100 coins in the machine

Down Arrow, Escape      Cash out

For keyboards without keypads, you must use the “Fn” key plus the shortcuts above. These keyboard shortcuts are offered as a suggestion only.

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