Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

When some guys visit Vegas all they lose is a few hundred dollars to the casinos and a few thousand brain cells to sheer amount of alcohol that is cheaply and easily available anywhere you happen to visit. In the case of Honeymoon in Vegas, the main character lost a rather attractive fiancé along with money and points off of his IQ.

The story begins when Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) makes a promise to his mother as she lay on her deathbed. As she takes her last breathe he promises her that he will never marry. His word was given before he met Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker), a school teacher who was very much interested in getting married. After finally getting over the mental hurdle that had been built in his brain since the promise to dying mother, Jack and Betsy go to Vegas to finally tie the knot.

Tommy Korman, a wealthy gambler, catches a glimpse of Betsy at the pool and is instantly attracted to her. He lures Jack into game of high stakes poker where Betsy, unbeknownst to her, becomes part of the bet. Tommy wins the bet, and a weekend with Jacks fiancé. Things just go downhill from there.

This movie has a bit of everything for the comedy lover. Not only does it include some very good sight gags, one liners and absurd situations, but any movie that can credibly involve the “Flying Elvises: Utah Chapter” is one that is a definite must see.

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