Get the Edge at Roulette, Spin Roulette Gold

Get the Edge at Roulette, Spin Roulette Gold

Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land!

Author: Christopher Pawlicki

Publisher: Bonus Books

ISBN: 1566251605

Pages: 229 (paperback)

Originally Published: 2001

Price: $13.95

This book provides roulette players with the ultimate weapons against a seemingly unbeatable game. The author shows readers how to find and play biased wheels and how to recognize and exploit deep-pocket wheels that are more susceptible to bias tracking. He demonstrates visual wheel tracking techniques and shows how to sector slice to increase the accuracy of predictions. Also the author discusses the internet roulette and how it differs from the regular game.

Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel

Author: Frank Scoblete

Publisher: Bonus Books

ISBN: 1566250749

Pages: 229 (paperback)

Originally Published: 1997

Price: $14.95

Spin Roulette Gold helps the reader to find the bias wheels and play dealers signature. The author also details how to play a system called the double dynamite system, which works very well – especially on older wheels. He teaches the ways for discovering biases, big numbers, sector shooters, dealer signatures, etc. The book gives the readers actual recorded spins to test out their systems on. An excellent book, although it skips how to use visual ballistic techniques.

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