Frugal Gambler

Frugal Gambler

Jean Scott attempts to write a guide for the low roller with Frugal Gambler. This is not the norm with most gambling books that immediately assume that the gambler will be playing with a bankroll roughly the size of Arizona. Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t give the true low-roller a much better chance, assuming that they will be playing with a bankroll in the multiple-thousand dollar level instead of the more common multiple-hundred dollar level. 

This book presents an overview of the casinos, and some tips and tricks that casino patrons can use to save money. Unfortunately, due to the increasing speed of technology, some of the tips are old and outdated. The days of asking for comps are all but over, with everyone working off of a comp card for the most part. While the ideas are interesting to read, they are not completely relevant. 

The other thing about this book is that some of the ideas seem desperate, especially for a person who has a few thousand dollars to gamble with. Asking for used coupon books and getting a doggie bag in the buffet are simply two examples of the poor etiquette being advocated in Frugal Gambler. While there may be a number of gamblers that are frugal, there are many who are willing to be THAT frugal. 

This book may have been the bee’s knees when it was published in 1998, but the information simply didn’t hold up well to 2006 standards. Paying $12.95 for a new copy is too much, but you can buy a used edition for around $3, and that?s worth it if you want to take a look at Frugal Gambler.

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