Oiling Your Chips
When people start putting words together like “oil” and “chips” it usually comes after a visit to the doctor where he has just mentioned how many years being the potato chip king or queen is going to take off your life. Also the subject of oil and chips occasionally brings on the unpleasant topic of Olestra, but that subject is best left to people like Howard Stern. When we talk about oiling your chips, we mean how to properly care for a valuable set of clay poker chips. Oil is part of the equation when keeping them in proper condition. 

To start with, you oil the chips because it not only makes them feel more pleasant, but also gives them a nice shine. This will only work for clay chips that have been compression molded. Though oiling other types of chips will not hurt them, they won’t absorb the oil the way the clay does, and all you will do is make a chip that feels the way Domino pizza tastes. 

Chips should only be oiled using mineral oil. Anything else may damage the chip. Once you have gotten the mineral oil, empty it into a container (preferably one with a wide mouth). Now you simply dump the chips into the container with the oil and let them soak for fifteen minutes or so. 

Drying is not the same sort of bulk process. You will need to remove the chips one by one and dry them with a clean, cotton towel. This may take a little while, but it will be worth it in the long run if you are the sort of person who takes pride in the look and feel of your chips.

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