Casino Guide

Casino Guide

So, you are in online casino. What to begin with? Everything sparkles, glows, jingles, inviting you to discover and experience new horizons of gambling. Let’s see what to start with.

Basics of playing
First thing you have to do is to decide whether you will play download or no-download games. The difference is that in first case you have to download and install a casino client to gamble. No-download allows you to play on the site itself without downloading. 
Afterwards, if you choose to download, do it and restart your computer (recommended). Then you will probably have to verify your install and choose a player mode – for money or for free.
Many casinos propose bonuses like “deposit $100/200… and get $50/100… for free!” or simply give you additional money when you deposit for the first time.
If you want to learn the rules of exact game, see Games section for details.

There are no special rules for gambling in online casinos. There is a limit of age – you must be 21+ to play. No dress-code, no smoking ban, no electronic ban – play in the atmosphere you like, gamble the way you are accustomed to. No cameras or security will watch you. You can quit at any time and make breaks for food, smoking etc. without any problem. And, of course, no tips for dealer – all reward is yours and only yours.

There are different ways to deposit money in casinos. The most frequently used means are credit cards, esp. Visa/Mastercard, personal Internet accounts like NETeller, FirePay, online debit cards, different wire transfers and ACH payments. 
Each casino uses its own mechanism. The details are usually displayed in a separate section or in About Us section.

Casinos which are recommended to play are listed in the Casino section.

Shortcuts and key combinations
They are different for each casino. You can find them in Help section in each casino after rules and basic strategy of the game. 

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