Casino Control Hearings Scheduled for End of July

Casino Control Hearings Scheduled for End of July

It seems that there is a race in many parts of the United States to open new casinos and in Indianapolis, Indiana, the race seems to be nearing completion – but a dispute over control may threaten the project. The initial project, approved by the city to be given to Trump hotels fell through when the Trump company declared bankruptcy and the new gaming Commissioner, Ernie Yeltsin, was unable to get a firm commitment from them on the product. 

When the city opened up bidding for the gambling license the Lauth property group in Cook group partnership were awarded a license. Things have moved forward well and millions of dollars have been poured into the project but now a heated dispute over who should be in control of the project could shut it down. A hearing has been scheduled on July 31 which will hopefully break open the logjam and keep things moving forward.

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