Caesar’s Palace Game Review

Caesar’s Palace Game Review

Ask the gamer community what the best games are in the casino genre, and you’ll normally get two answers: Vegas Stakes for the SNES and Caesar’s Palace for the PlayStation One. The most incredible fact about these answers is that neither is for one of the forth-coming “next generation” consoles, or even for current consoles for that matter. Both of these casino ventures take us into the past of gaming and prove once again that advanced graphics are not the most important facet of a successful game.

Caesar’s Palace is basically like stepping out of the Las Vegas casino of the same name and into your living room. All of the classic games that you would expect to see in a home console game all make an appearance here. Although this game is available on a number of various consoles, it seems as though the PlayStation version is the most well-liked of the bunch. Released in November of 1997, Caesar’s Palace has all of the classics: blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and baccarat. Also, the game has video tutorials of all the games, making it east for beginners.

The sounds are great, not too overdone yet skipped over either. The graphics are standard fare, but everything looks realistic which is a nice change from earlier, more cartoon-y games. The game plays very well, and is a great buy for anyone looking to stay fresh in between trips to the real casino.

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